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As an adult with ADHD, living with the disorder impacts my daily life. I avoid starting tasks, struggle sitting still, have trouble falling asleep, and fall behind in all of my work, especially long-term projects. I frequently feel not present in conversations and often leave class lectures with nothing more than a date written in my notes. I’ve tried various medications before finding the least harmful one for me. Still, I experience many negative side effects with my current medication.* While it helps my attention, it worsens my insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, agitation, and it causes appetite loss and chest palpitations…

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You’re in the grocery store picking up some essentials when you see him. A golden retriever in a Service Dog vest. The groceries don’t matter anymore. You just want to give this adorable dog all the pets. You make your way to the beautiful good boy with his perfect inside manners and staying right by his owner’s side. When you get closer, your heart breaks. On his vest reads: “DO NOT PET.” But why?

Service dogs are highly trained animals meant to perform a specific task for their owners. These tasks can include guiding blind owners and aiding wheelchair bound…

Dear nonvegans, we’re not crazy. Dear vegans, don’t be crazy.

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Disclaimer: I love kale.

I’ve eaten a vegan diet for two years now. During my experience eating a plant-based diet, I’ve come across my fair share of misconceptions from both the omnivorous community and the vegan community. Let’s clear up some misconceptions.

1. Bacon still smells awesome. I grew up eating meat. I remember the smell of orange Danishes, sausage gravy, and turkey bacon waking me up on rainy Sunday mornings before church. Meat still smells great but that doesn’t mean I want any!

2. You don’t need to validate…

Emily Fisher

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